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Hotel Employment

Hotel Employment
  • 05 Temmuz 2022, Salı 12:29



The implications between lifecycle, corporate human resources initiatives, and employee impacts are discussed and presented below.


In this article, we will talk about the employment policy of Mileo Luxury Hotel, located in Mykonos, Greece.



To attract qualified employees, organizations choose corporate social responsibility initiatives that are linked to their mission and increase their appeal to applicants.


Mileo Luxury Hotel's mission is to delight and surprise its guests at every encounter. Mileo employees develop hospitality skills among youth and diverse populations. Potential employees can clarify opportunities by exploring definitions of competencies in their careers.



To increase recruitment efficiency and reduce costs, organizations must build strong relationships with individuals in strategic labor markets.

Professional organizations, tourism businesses are excellent resources contributing to a diverse pool of applicants with the required qualifications.


Applicants can explore corporate career paths and jobs, with particular attention to competencies the organization values. Applicants can then evaluate their scope.




Tests are almost always used to select employees. That is, they are written tests and interviews used to make employment decisions. Tests should be validated such that test scores measuring required competencies are relevant to future job performance.


Mileo Luxury Hotel attaches importance to the level of education when recruiting employees. Apart from that, questions about human relations are asked in the interviews.


Because the most important thing for Mileo is the guests and customer relations.


Applicants should research companies and determine which competencies can be evaluated at the time of selection.


For example, when talking about workplace competency, it can be measured with an interview question such as “teamwork, talk about an achievement where you achieved results in a team.” Applicants should then reflect on past experience where they demonstrated relevant competencies.

First Join

New employee orientation and training is a great opportunity to communicate key competencies. Relevant competencies can be highlighted for both initial responsibilities and a sustainable career.


With this knowledge, new employees must work closely with their teammates to develop initial developmental action plans to develop competencies.

Training and Development


Most organizations hold employees accountable for their own careers. However, gaps between competency requirements and employee competencies should be addressed through training and development programmed.


Employees must first achieve excellence in their current job, actively pursue careers, and participate in development opportunities.


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The model provides a roadmap of increasingly valuable competencies to master as one progresses.


It is necessary to implement a competency-based system that aligns business objectives with personnel management policies and hence the human resources development system.


Mileo Luxury Hotel chooses its employees meticulously. Therefore, he wants the people he hires to progress as well. It supports employees to make a career in this field.




Performance Management


It is suitable for competence development, especially performance feedback and developmental action planning.


Employees have a vital interest in performance appraisals, as compensation and promotions are often dependent on performance reviews.


Competencies play a key role, especially in terms of sustained upward mobility. Therefore, employees should work closely with their supervisors for competency development.


Human Resources Planning


Organizations implement succession plans to achieve adequate staffing levels, based on forecasts of employee supply and demand.


Estimates, workforce assessments, and establishing career paths all involve the development of their competencies.


Employees should identify personal competencies and interests, plan life and career goals, and consider alternative career paths inside and outside the organization.


Mileo Luxury Hotel attaches great importance to its employees. So, how much does Mileo care about its customers? You should come and see :)



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