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Quality Concept in Hotels

Quality Concept in Hotels
  • 28 Haziran 2022, Salı 12:23

In recent years, the quality of products and services has become the dominant strategic choice for any business trying to survive and grow in the highly volatile and highly competitive environment of today's globalizing economy.


Accordingly, the quality of services offered today is the strategy adopted by all business units.


It is the concept of quality that is considered as one of the most important issues to be evaluated and taken into account in the plans.


It is necessary to increase its competitiveness, flexibility and efficiency, to include quality at all levels of the organization. Quality is widely used at home and abroad due to its importance.


The concept of quality includes many formulated definitions:


  • The quality of a product or service is its conformity to its requirements and specifications.
  • Quality is customer satisfaction rather than protection from unpleasant situations.
  • The quality of a product or service depends on its suitability for use.
  • The quality of a product or service is concerned with its predictable uniformity and reliability at low cost, and its suitability in the market.


By one definition, quality is all the attributes and characteristics of a product or service based on its ability to meet certain explicit needs. At this point, quality is defined as the degree of excellence.


It is through providing this superiority in meeting the sought perfection and customer requirements.



Located in Mykonos, Greece, Mileo Luxury Hotel is the highest quality hotel in Mykonos. The hotel is of high quality in terms of interior design, location of the hotel and training of employees.


Finally, the role of customers can be highlighted. It is known that the quality of a product or service requires that a product or service conform to certain specifications. Quality consists of features that fully meet customer expectations.


As can be seen from the above definitions, the concept of quality is subjective. It largely depends on how it is approached, either by the firm or by the client.


The interpretation given to the term quality refers to the ability of the manufacturing process to meet and conform to the specifications of a product or service, given the cost of production and expected demand.


Unlike the customer, the term quality relates to the ability of a product or service to satisfy their personal needs and wants, functionally and economically.


At this point, the concept of error-free service emerges. This is a promise that the services provided will not fail no matter what.


Hotel management can make a promise to maintain some very high standards, even in the event of a service failure.


Of course, this means that the hotel has the resources to deliver on its promise of top quality service, including staff training and fault prevention.


Mileo Luxury Hotel trains its employees about possible problems. Special trainings such as crisis management and coping with problems are given to employees.


Importance of Quality in Service Delivery


Quality in service delivery is a strategic issue that has beneficial effects on the external and internal environment of any business or organization. It is a most important issue for an organization according to the quality management system.

In recent years, both academics and business people have increased interest in service quality given the importance it plays on a number of critical issues for the development of entrepreneurship. Accordingly, service quality has become the international language of communication for global entrepreneurship.


Today, competition between an increasing number of public and private sector organizations and businesses has increased. It is worth emphasizing the key contribution of quality in providing favorable conditions for sustainability.


Hotels aim to continuously improve the quality of their services. Accordingly, in a dynamic and volatile economic environment where there is intense competition between businesses, quality is accepted as the most determining factor in providing competitive services.


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Mileo Luxury Hotel is a hotel that has proven itself in the field of service. Employees are carefully selected. The most important subject of Mileo management is quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition, it is not a coincidence that the most well-known, well-known and profitable companies at the international level in our age advertise and promote their services and products by emphasizing their quality and reliability despite their prices.


As a strategic choice, service quality provides benefits such as increasing customer satisfaction, increasing their trust, and positive word of mouth promotion.


Quality is intertwined with a series of positive results such as increasing personnel performance, reducing operating costs and strengthening.


In other words, maintaining a high level of service quality gives a business an advantage over the competition. It increases its productivity, improves its performance, and increases its reputation and reliability.


Especially in the hospitality industry, the strategic importance of quality in the provision of services and the supply and demand process of tourism services are recognized by all stakeholders.


If you want to meet Mileo quality, buy a ticket to Greece now :)

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